How to make the perfect cup of cappuccino? Most Barista’s will tell you the secret to making a great cappuccino is getting the proportions right. For the best results first use I third espresso then add one third of steamed milk and finally top off with a layer of froth, they you have […]

How to Make Espresso Drinks : How to Steam Milk for a Cappuccino

“Learn as our expert shows us how to steam milk for a cappuccino in this free drink recipe video on making your own espresso drinks. Expert: Natalja Robertsdo” shows you how its done… The secret to a perfect Cappuccino is knowing how to steam the milk correctly making sure its at the right temperature, and […]

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Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss

We’ve been reading a lot in the news papers and online about the amazing effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract in helping people loss weight. An average weight loss of over 17 pounds in less than 22 weeks is claimed which is really quite impressive. You can read more information on whether it works or […]

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